Wedding Cakes with the Wow Factor

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A wedding cake is so integral to the success of a wedding day; it's become an extension of the bride in many ways. Picking that impeccable cake involves making sure that it tastes and looks superb, but for extra brownie points, you want something that will wow your guests as much as it has wowed you!

The heart themed cake

Nothing spells love quite like a heart themed sweet. Ideal for any love enthused fest, including Valentine's Day, the Simply Sweet Cakery offer wedding day desserts with an all-encompassing range of flavours and designs to represent all tastes. Their wide-ranging menu and tastings ensure that you can pick a cake that's perfect and by letting them know that you want a real WOW factor, the qualified staff will know how to make it work in accordance with your theme and preferences.

Soft Colours

Wedding cakes work well when they cohesively embrace a soft colour palette; it looks feminine and meshes well with any theme, particularly the princess! Frosted pinks, vanilla and lilac work so beautifully. Blissfully sweet puds are by nature as they are by name. Jackie, the cakes creator, fuses our top requirement (the heart themed cake) with a pretty pastel theme that makes us just want to gaze at this cake forever instead of eat it.

Bright and bold

Oatleaf's Blue Flower Cake

The classic wedding dessert is white like the bride but conventions are built to be broken. A different coloured cake snares attention simply because of its appearance. There is literally no end to the number of colours you can choose. Colours closely connoted to romance and love such as red and pink are naturally popular but the Oakleaf Cakes company produce a gorgeous teal blue flower cascade cake.

Chocolate Cakes

If you think that most weddings are all about vanilla, cream and strawberries, then we're about to introduce you to chocolate. Ruffled offer really decadent cakes with a bit of an edge. The novelty here stems not only from the different taste choice but also due to the colour; a rich, velvety brown bought to life with a pink rose and gold adornments.

Unusual Combinations

Unusual colour combinations help bring a sweet to life. Pink and gold lends a romantic feel that doesn't break too harshly with convention but looks amazing. This one certainly would be hard to cut into!

Really tall tiers

If your groom is dark and handsome without the tall, then why not turn to really tall tiers? The tall cake lends gravitas although naturally you'll need to be careful that it doesn't take a tumble. Maisie Fantaisie produce cakes, desserts (including appetizing love cookies ) and wedding favours all enthused with an artistic touch.

The Icing

The wedding dessert itself typically works as a foundation; it's the adornments that render it eye popping. Icing can be artfully melded and altered to cohesively co-operate with your theme. You can literally adorn your pud with anything; icing flowers, Disney characters, lettering - the choice is yours. Elegantly iced cakes specialise in icing up customised cakes so if you have something in mind, take your inspiration to them and watch them transport it into reality.

Intricate detail

Cofetaria Dana

Intricate detail makes a phenomenal impact; Cofetaria Dana cakes really understand how to capitalise on this detailing to powerful effect. You can view a selection of some of their best cakes here; we particularly like the white cake adorned with silver detailing and topped with an initial and veil. This cake is so pretty it should be getting marred as well! Here are UK Wedding Cake Designerswho you can ask for help with elaborate designs.

Themed Cakes

A themed cake is a great way to not keep tradition when it comes to cakes. The options are limitless depending on the kind of wedding you want. If you're a Harry Potter fan or Lord of the rings fan, check out this hardcore fan cake. Other options include Disney themed cakes, Star Wars, Vegas; anything that your mind can conjure, a themed cake master can create. Specialist cake makers Rainbow Sugarcraft and Bake My Cake create many designs from Alice in Wonderland, Super Mario and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you aren't keen on a cake consider:

  • ☀ A chocolate fountain, not only is it attention grabbing, guests enjoy dipping strawberries and marshmallows into rich and creamy melted chocolate that drops like a waterfall.
  • ☀ Miniature desserts: these are impressive, decorative and will keep all those with a sweet tooth nicely satisfied.