Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes from Romantic Films

The Princess Bride

Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes

The touchingly humorous tale of Buttercup unfolds when her true love Westley departs to find his fortune at sea only to never return. Buttercup then gives her hand to the absurdly named Prince Humperdinck only to find that her forgotten love has returned. This hybrid story unravels authentically with equal parts adventure, comedy and romance. The essence of the story is a good old fashioned fairy tale with a little chaos added.

As such, fully embracing the princess theme works well here. Emblazoning your cake with the well worn motif ‘as you wish' is a great way to get into the spirit. Adding decorations such as flowers, crossed swords, crowns and tiaras and even creative castles looks hugely worthy of a Buttercup inspired wedding day.

For those with bigger budgets the Fiona Cairns sets a high bar; she made Kate Middletons grande fairytale wedding cake with the help of her specially trained team. Martha Stewart Weddings also provide an interesting modern twist on the princess theme.

The Wedding Planner

Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes

Jennifer Lopez stars as Mary, an expert wedding planner who is forever the organiser and never the bride; that is until she meets Steve. Whilst planning Steve's wedding to partner Fran the two uncover a crazy chemistry that threatens to derail the nuptials before they are uttered leading to a rick-rollicking ride that leaves audiences rooting for the unlikely pair.

Seeing as Mary specialises in tailoring to a T, a wedding planner themed wedding certainly should make use of a lot of preparation. Traditional multi-tiered white cakes really suit such structure. Seek something sophisticated and elegant. By all means, be as self-indulgent as you wish. Just try to encapsulate the effort of the authentic wedding. Cotton and Crumbs Cakes is very much about feminine styles (perfect if you want chic tiers) whilst Confetti offers up to date venue and decorating services for those who want the preparation and planning accounted for.

Runaway Bride

Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes

Julia Roberts (everyone's favourite all-American sweetheart) plays Maggie; young, beautiful and free-spirited, Maggie has no problem ensnaring men but when it comes to walking her way down the aisle, she can't quite hack it. Journalist Ike is fascinated by the dubbed 'Runaway Bride' and attempts to uncover why she can't commit.

Runaway brides are free spirits by nature so an unconventional pud would be fitting. Comedic cake toppers such as a fleeing bride or groom really work well to play on the theme. Be innovative with subject, colour and flavour; be different and bold! Embrace your own personal touches; a custom-made design works best for you, especially if you can get involved. You will find some heavenly baked cakes at Home Baked Heaven or Betty's, they are both situated in Yorkshire.

Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes

Monster in Law

Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes

It's a myth that's spiralled somewhat out of control; every woman hates her mother in law. Whether or not you get on with yours like a house on fire or fight like cat and dog, embracing the movie Monster in Law allows you to get original.

If you have somewhat innovative tastes then clinch it here with a movie inspired cake. Choices based on films, books or even collectables are hugely popular nowadays. The novelty sweet typically works well; Poppy Pickering lends a range of mesmerising creations based off of your favourite film.

Bride Wars

Movie Inspired Wedding Cakes

Best friend brides Emma and Olivia are pretty different but they have one stifling similarity that threatens to get the best of their friendship; they are tying the knot on the same day. Bride Wars is about a little friendly competition so the key here is to go all out!

Naturally, the bigger the better and multi-tiers are a must. Luxurious, elitist cakes emblazoned with adornments and decorations are crucial. Anything that makes your day exclusive and trail blazing such as an exciting new flavour or innovative new colour come widely recommended. Lend your choice a personal touch to really stamp your seal of approval; creating a custom made cake is very fitting. Cake Parlour is ideally placed to create a juggernaut of a dessert that you'll be living on for weeks to come (your guests will be more than satisfied with anything they make.)