Cake Shop - A Sugar Rush

Cake Shop Game Review

Cake Shop is a time management game that directs all its players to an appealing bakery. At the start, the game introduces its main character, Emily, who is looking for an exciting and stimulating management career. Well Emily is in luck, she receives a phone call with a job offer at a newly opened Café owned by Gail Davis, which she happily accepts.

There is no further expansion of the game story beyond this, plus the game dialogue is somewhat basic and rather slow, therefore the emphasis is mostly on the gameplay.

Making Cakes

Customers enter Emily's cake shop and request cakes as soon as the game starts. The cakes themselves are a bit odd with 2 layers of sponge and thick coloured jelly stuck in between them. To make the cakes, you have to choose the layer at the bottom first, then choose a filling, followed by your top layer. If you get it wrong, you just need to throw everything into a recycle bin, otherwise you should display your cake on the display table after you've purchased one.

Cake Shop Game Review

You have the option to enhance your game mastery whilst you play; serving all your customers a lot quicker will increase this skill and the game fittings will start to open when you increase your mastery. The 'fittings'

button lets you purchase brand new shop items. A decent range of equipment will enhance your cafe's ranking, which is revealed in the star, as well as your following income.

After you've purchased all your new fittings, you will have the option to serve all your customers different items such as popcorn, ice cream, cotton candy and sodas. Each one of these upgrades involves an assembly process that has 2 steps. For instance, making strawberry ice cream includes adding an ice cream cone into the right ice cream machine and then waiting a while for it to become full. The final 3 fittings you have the option to purchase are flavoured creams and it's good that they are the final ones because they're a bit problematic. The reason for this is because it's not easy to see the under layer or type of ice cream you have once it's been applied. This can lead to Emily making the wrong orders, consequently, she loses customers and, therefore, your overall service performance gets affected.

On the positive side, you have to process all your items really quickly which means the game pace becomes more chaotic and exciting.

Building Emily's dream house

On top of building the cake shop, you have to create Emily a new home. After a couple of levels in the game, she becomes a bit homesick, but thankfully, her manager has a brother who is an Engineer, and he kindly agrees to build her a nice house close the cafe. You simply need to click on the 'construction site' button to view the construction site. You'll enjoy buying Emily's dream house in small bits, starting off with the foundational work and ending with a beautiful garden and swimming pool.

Emily's mood is affected when you build her home, which is reflected in how patient she is with all her customers. She's in a fantastic mood all the time after her home is built; therefore, we recommend that you get this done a soon as possible.

The game tutorial is quite good and all the rules as easy enough to follow. The game strategy is really clear and is mostly dependent on filling all the stations as quickly as you can after serving your customers so that you never slow down your speed level.

Cake Shop Game Review

Our Thoughts:

In general, the pace is good and keeps the player busy enough without feeling overwhelmed. You never really get to a frantic stage so it's easy to complete the levels without having to repeat anything. Experienced players might not find this challenging enough, though.

There are no set game levels, after you receive 5 stars and completely upgrade your shop, you will be asked if you want to earn an extra $3,000. When you get to this stage -you're on to a winner. On the whole, it only took us 2 hours and 40 minutes to exhaust the entire game. We were a bit disappointed with this because we expected around 4 hours of gameplay from this type of time management game as most similar games tend to be a lot longer.

The music isn't that exciting, it's like listening to something when you're inside a lift, or perhaps at the superstore. Minus the cream issue highlighted earlier, the game graphics are fairly good with a combination of 3D characters to a 2D background.

Whilst Cake Shop isn't as complex, long or as involving as some of the other popular time management games we have played - Cake Mania, for instance, it has a few exciting concepts, such as how Emily's mood influences her customer's patience. We think it has its own little quirky characteristics and is simple and comforting enough to play. The only major problem we have is the length, if it was maybe an hour or two longer then the game would be a great choice for people looking for a basic time management game.