Decorating your Wedding Cake

Grace Cake at Couture

Before the cake is cut, it does a lot of sitting around looking tasty which is why decorating your luscious cake is so vital. There are endless ways to bring your cake to life. Prior to implementing any of our advice, first consider the following:

  • ☀ What is your overall wedding theme?
  • ☀ Do you want an edible or tactile decoration?
  • ☀ Do you want to decorate your cake yourself or enlist the help of the experts?
  • Edible Adornments

Personalising your cake with edible eats kills two birds with one stone; firstly it looks great and secondly, it tastes divine. Depending on your theme, you might plump for for edible flowers, pearls and jewels, initials, edible bride and groom, sea shells and a plethora of other goods; adding that personalised touch lends credence to the day. GC Couture is a high end London based company that will make a top-quality custom wedding cake made to suit your preference. If you want to really push the boat out, they create dream like designs and are perfect for those with something creative or artistic in mind.

Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Decorations

Cake toppers is the apt name given to any embellishment that sits atop your dessert. Most couples decide on bride and groom toppers available in an assortment of positions including embraces, lifts and loving looks. Toppers can be personalised to look more like you and your hubby. Other cake toppers include intimately interwoven swans, glazed porcelain doves or Disney characters. The Knot shop offers thousands of imaginative toppers that add a real pop of glam.

Sugar Flowers

Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers offer a tasty finish and fit well with any theme rendering them versatile additions to make revellers swoon for a spoonful of your dessert. Surbitonart produce wired flowers, roses, miniature flowers ideal for finalising individual desserts and miscellaneous flowers to fit your all are made out of sugar so they are perfectly safe to eat with a blend of creamy icing for a real mouthful of wedding day decadence!


Wedding Cake Decorations

With sprinkles, a little goes a long way. The Cake Decorating Store provides a plentiful selection including hundreds and thousands, dinosaur sprinkles and confetti shaped sprinkles. Affordable, bright and tasty, sprinkles are an easy way to boost the taste factor.

Shaped Cakes

Wedding Cake Decorations

To create a cool cake, give it shape. Peggy Portion can make a range of shaping options for you including the multi-tiered heart cake, Alice love bird moulds and bride and groom moulds that give your cake a strong, shapely foundation. You will probably like the designs by these 3 talented cake artist too: Rosalind Miller, Maisie Fantaisieand Le Pappilon Patisserie. They have all been voted top wedding cake designers at some oint in their baking history.


Wedding Cake Decorations

Each tier of your wedding cake can artfully be finished off with a colourful ribbon addition. Some couples stick to a particular colour; others alternate between tiers. It's common to add flowers or jewels to each tier to give a more tantalising touch. We would like to get our lips around Marks & Spencers chocolate ribbon cake, it's every brides drea.

Always remember:

  • ☀ If you want, you can choose to decorate yourself. It will certainly give it that personalised feel. Only do so if you are comfortable and competent in your cake decorating skills. Otherwise, consult a professional baker.
  • ☀ Look around for inspiration. Many kinds of cakes can easily be created. If you aren't sure where to start, think of a theme that encapsulates your day; Princess? Adventure? Conventional? Crazy? Embrace this style. Pinterest is still one of our favourites because you can source endless extravagant cake ideas; your imagination is the limit.
  • ☀ If creating your own, practice beforehand. Decorate and adorn a multitude of practice cakes to hone your skills before you focus on the wedding cake itself. Following along to a simple video is a very effective way to brush up on your skills.
  • ☀ Don't let too many cooks spoil the broth. There isn't a right or a wrong when it comes to wedding cakes - so long as you like it. Baking is a time consuming process so be prepared to muck in. Follow as many tutorials and how-to videos as you can to keep your skills sharp.
  • ☀ Stick with your favourite flavours, themes and colours. Always bring it back to your preferences, as well as your grooms. Your cake should always reflect you and your day.