Bella's Wedding Cake is a Sweet Success

Bella's Wedding Cake

You may remember Bella from the game "Bella's Wedding". Instead of being your client, she now works as your assistant, introducing game mechanics when needed. There are two modes of play (Freestyle and Challenge) and these are further divided into parts representing the baking process. Also, Challenge mode does not open up until you finish baking a cake in Freestyle at least once. Because the latter gives you the freedom to play around the menus as much as you want, this ensures that you already have a grasp of the process before you take orders from excited couples.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Upon launching the game's Freestyle mode, you will be tasked to bake a cake base. You will be guided through the process, however because some of these employ cooking game gestures, they may be tricky for those who are young or new. After choosing a shape of your choice, you will need to mix ingredients such as flour, butter and eggs by interacting with their respecting graphics. Press the mixer and fill up the bake pans before clicking on the oven. Once you've placed them on their respective trays, you need only wait a second for the timer to buzz and you're done with the baking part of the game. Presuming that you've played a cooking game or two, the tasks should be a breeze to accomplish. On the other hand, we would have wanted a tip or two from Bella to explain the required mouse gestures for the benefit of those who are new to the genre.

Bella's Wedding Cake

After you've got all three tiers ready, it'll be time to use your artistic eye to decorate the sweet treat. This section opens a separate menu which contains five categories (color, fondant design, icing, topper and table decor) for you to mix and match from. One of the things we like the most about this part is the amount of customisation options...In terms of sheer number, color us impressed! There are twenty fondant hues to choose from and nineteen fondant patterns to liven things up. For the icing, you are given a variety of options such as assorted lollipops and vibrant cherries. Toppers range from the classic bride and groom figurine to delicate butterflies while the table decor includes animated graphics such as soaring hearts, a mini hot air balloon and trio of flickering candles.

Once you've finished your delectable creation, you have the option to save it to your gallery. This keeps an image of it along with a date stamp so you could view it later on. Again, completing a cake once in Freestyle unlocks Challenge mode. Bella's Wedding Cake is essentially a memory game in which you take actual orders and accurately design a cake depending on the image provided by virtual clients. You are given ten seconds to take note of a cake's design details and then you will have to replicate them by memory. If you're in need of a hint, you may sneak another peek at the completed cake for another ten seconds. You may do this thrice. Just keep in mind that each time you do so, it increases the penalty deducted from your total score. Succeed or fail, you may play in this mode for as long as you want without consequences as there is no back story to worry about.

Taking it Easy

One of the things we like the most about any wedding game is having plenty of customization options. Bella's Wedding Cake certainly offers this in the way other wedding games do such as Royal Bride Dress Up. Thanks to Bella's wide assortment of cake decor, its is sure to give design game fans a good time. Challenge mode's tricky stages will also be a blast for those who wish to put their memorization and observation skills to the test. With a sweet theme coupled with stellar graphics, the title is appropriate for everyone although the amount of time to figure out the baking mechanics may vary from person to person. We recommend playing this bite-sized treat if you feel like taking on a creative challenge. Due to its pace, it's also the perfect title to play when you just want to sit back and relax.